Welcome to Carine Primary School

SCHOOL VISION – “Quality staff differentiating to improve student achievement and well-being”

Carine Primary School is a Level 5 Independent Public Primary School with approximately 600 Kindergarten to Year 6 students. It is situated on the coastal strip, approximately 15 kilometres north-west of Perth in Western Australia. The school grounds merge with nearby Carine Senior High School and both schools have wide open playing areas which are extensively used and enjoyed by the school community. Carine enjoys excellent support from the school community and parental involvement is encouraged and valued. Parents support the school in many ways including committee work, assistance in the classroom, coaching and officiating at sporting events, assisting with excursions and camps and being involved in fundraising activities.

Carine Primary School is well known for its excellent academic performance, its brilliant choir, instrumental music program, the students’ renowned sporting abilities, its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs, its support of all students and its experienced and highly supportive staff. Currently the school’s priority involves the ongoing implementation of Higher Order Thinking Strategies and these are integrated across all aspects of the curriculum. Carine Primary School is a bright and vibrant school whose philosophy reflects the intent of the Western Australian Curriculum, Australian Values and explicit teaching Principles of Learning and Assessment. Students are given every opportunity to set goals, self reflect, self-assess, work both collaboratively and individually, problem solve, respect and value others and integrate the curriculum with ICT development. The school prides itself on its inclusive practices and the work done with students to ensure that they learn in a safe and secure environment.

Specialist programs consist of French, Music, Physical Education and ICT development through teacher direction. A strong feature of the school is the experienced and talented staff whose collaborative approach is appreciated and valued throughout the community.