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Curriculum at Carine Primary School

The curriculum at Carine Primary School reflects the intent of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outlines which are linked directly to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. To this extent teachers are expected to implement the Principles of Learning, Teaching and Assessment and in so doing our students are being provided with many explicit learning opportunities.

Planning for the delivery of teaching and learning programs

All eight areas of the curriculum are to be planned by teachers. Currently the school has specialist Language (Pre-Primary to Year 6, French), Physical Education, and a Music teacher who are responsible for planning in these learning areas. ICT is integrated through teacher and student learning. However, there is an expectation that these learning areas are not treated in isolation and that teachers follow up on aspects of the music, physical education, ICT and Language programs to ensure that they are integrated with other learning areas.

Planning must include the following learning areas –

English (Western Australian Curriculum) – Reading and Viewing, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
Mathematics (Western Australian Curriculum)– Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability.
Science (Western Australian Curriculum)– Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour, Science Inquiry Skills.
Humanities and Social Sciences (Western Australian Curriculum)– Historical Skills (until the end of 2016).
Technology and Enterprise – Technology Process, Materials, Information, Systems.
Health and Physical Education – Knowledge and Understanding, Skills for Physical Activity, Self Management Skills, Interpersonal skills.
The Arts – Dance, Drama, Music, Media and Visual Arts. All areas of The Arts to be connected across the following strands – Arts ideas, Arts skills and processes, Arts Responses and Arts in society.
Languages – (French) – Listening and Responding and Speaking, Viewing, Reading and Responding, Writing.
Further information can be obtained from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority website and the Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority specific guidelines and links to learning. Teacher planning needs to document the relevant learning and core Australian Values. Strategies, activities, events, excursions that will be used are to be documented in the planning so that it can be clearly demonstrated how these links are going to be achieved by your students.


The Principles of Learning, Teaching and Assessment are to be implemented at Carine Primary School  and to this extent students will be given many opportunities to problem solve, pursue academic rigour, be challenged, set and achieve goals, self-reflect, self-assess, negotiate aspects of the curriculum, integrate the curriculum, work both collaboratively and independently, value and respect the worth of others and their culture, link their learning with technology the environment and the cultures of others.

Students must be given many opportunities to practise explicit skills. All of this learning needs to take place in an environment that is supportive, caring, safe and inclusive. The students need to know that they will have many opportunities to achieve their learning and that on the way they may not always initially be successful. However, with support and ‘Our Best Always’ they will eventually reach their goals.

Monitoring Student Progress

All student learning achieved against the Western Australian Curriculum will need to be acknowledged by the teacher. NAPLAN and assessment data will be recorded and developed through the School Operational Planned targets. At present the Pre-Primary and Year 1 students are involved in a monitoring and evaluation program called “On Entry Assessment”. This program measures a range of skills in relation to literacy and numeracy. The test is performed twice yearly and it clearly indicates the progress that students make throughout the year.

Reporting to Parents

Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 will have student reports delivered via Connect in July and December each year. These reports are computer generated and reflect the intent of the Department of Education’s Western Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Policy. They are standardised reports, which report on academic rigor, sporting and social outcomes and are used in all schools across the state. Parents of students in years 3 and 5 will also receive NAPLAN reports around the end of third term of each year.