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The school motto is ‘Our Best Always’ To this extent Carine Primary School is dedicated to excellence in teaching and is committed to maximising student learning. The school nurtures positive self-esteem within each student and provides a supportive, inclusive environment in which students are encouraged to care for and respect themselves and others. The positive contribution of parents is recognised and valued in all aspects of school life.

Carine Primary School is proud of its tradition of serving the educational needs of students for over three decades, maintaining a commitment to achieving high standards of academic, social and sporting excellence.

We can attribute our successful school to a number of key indicators. These include;

Outstanding commitment and professionalism of our staff that plan, implement and monitor quality teaching and learning programs.
Our belief that ;
– All children can learn and succeed.

– Children learn and develop as individuals.

– Learning experiences should connect with students’ existing knowledge, skills and values.

– Learning experiences should respect and accommodate differences between learners.

– The school and classroom setting should be safe and conducive to effective teaching and learning.

The ongoing Performance and Development Process of staff to engage in proven and new educational strategies.
The early identification and planning for students at educational risk at both ends of the academic scale.
A supportive and interested community, who value education and work together to maintain a positive and communicative learning school community.
Core focus is on maintaining high standards in Literacy, Numeracy and Science with the integration of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) that link excellence in all learning areas.